Mike Crout - Guitar

I was born on March 4, 1965 in Marietta Ga., in Cobb County to James and Jewell Crout. I have one brother, David and one sister, Tonia. I am blessed to be married to my wife Michelle and have two daughters Kala and Holly.

I learned to play guitar early in my life when my mom and dad's friends would come over to the house on weekends in South Carolina and I would sit around and listen to them play and sing Merle, Waylon, Hank Sr., and all the good ole country stuff. I went to a flea market one weekend and saw a guitar and thought I could play along with them on weekends and I bought it. (I still have that same guitar and my daughters have learned from it). They would show me the basic chords and I would follow along each weekend.

While in high school, I met Patrick Mcdougal. His father, Robert Mcdougal, played mandolin for the Bluegrass Tarheels, and he had taught Patrick to play banjo. Patrick already knew bluegrass guitar and mandolin from his father, So Patrick passed that knowledge on to me and we would get our instruments and play everywhere people wanted to hear us and I have loved bluegrass music ever since. Thank you Patrick!

We lived over in Alabama for a few years and moved back to south Georgia in 2004. Bluegrass was very hard to come by for some reason in this part of the country, but I had met Clyde Scott, owner of www.bluegrassradio.org. He had a pickin party one weekend, and that is where I met Seabie. He told me of some pickers he knew that loved to play and needed a guitar player, and that maybe we could get something started. The rest is history, as they say. Blue Holler was formed and we have continued to grow ever since.

Hope to see you out there soon,


Mike played mandolin for The North Carolina Boys.

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