Blue Holler Band Members

Mike Crout - Guitar
Seabie Ewer - Bass
Alan Kaye - Banjo, Dobro, Autoharp
Lamar Keen - Mandolin

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Blue Holler got its start at Whigham School near Cairo, Georgia, in the fall of 2004. The Whigham Community Club was having its annual banquet and needed some entertainment. Word was they didn't have a budget to pay musicians, so another group passed on the job, and the search was on for some bluegrass pickers.

There had been some talk between Lamar Keen and Alex Greenberg at a festival a few weeks earlier about starting a band. Alan Kaye was interested too, because he and Alex wanted to gather a pick-up group and play as sort of a service to the community. Lamar was all for it. Multi-instrumentalist Seabie Ewer had been looking for opportunities to play bass, so he was interested too.

The group that played at Whigham School included Alan on guitar, Lamar on mandolin, Alex on guitar, Seabie on bass, Pat Tillman on banjo, his father Max Tillman on fiddle, and Cliff Starr on dobro. As it turned out, the club did pay the group for playing. The original name of the group was The Ochlocknee Signal Corps.

Max and Pat were selling tickets to an upcoming Larry Rice benefit concert in Tallahassee and helping to promote it. Most of the guys bought tickets to that concert with the money from the Whigham Community Club banquet.

A few months later there was a picnic and live recording session at Clyde Scott's studio in Moultrie, Georgia. Mike Crout was there looking for a band to join. He met Seabie and began talking about playing with our group. He had been thinking of the name Blue Holler, and it soon got voted as the best name anyone in the group could think of. By then the band was on its way to becoming a local bluegrass favorite. We have played many places and met lots of fine folks since then, and we appreciate all the opportunities we have had.

Former Members on "Extended Leave"
Alex Greenberg - Guitar, Fiddle
Adam Starr - Dobro

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