Alex Greenberg - Guitar, Fiddle

He's got the pipes, we know that! He also has a fan base, which mainly consists of everyone from his office, and that's something the rest of us don't have--or at least ours are not so loud and rowdy!

Alex grew up in the north Florida and south Georgia area, and after earning a degree in Veterinary Medicine, he returned to Cairo, Georgia, bought into a well established practice, and has continued to maintain its excellent reputation. He played bluegrass music with friends in college, and when we met him, he had a decent CD of the songs they had done just for fun.

He now lives in south Grady County with his wife, Maya, and children who will certainly be musical prodigies and brilliant students. Family band? How about it, Alex?

Alex plays good rhythm guitar and a little bit of lead. You can see in his photo that the hand is quicker than the eye! Yet, his real love is singing. He would rather sing than play any day. Whenever we come across a song that requires a strong, high lead voice, Alex gets the duty and does it well.

Alex has been playing fiddle lately, and who knows, he might surprise us some time with a few fancy fiddle tunes. Since the birth of his first child, he has discontinued playing with the band. Just think--in only 18 years he can come back and start picking again. He should be plenty good on the fiddle by then!

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