Adam Starr - Dobro

Adam came to Blue Holler having played music for 13 years. Obviously talented in high school, Adam went on to East Tennessee State University on a music scholarship, where he gained a world of knowledge and skill in bluegrass in the Southern Appalachian Studies program and as a member of the traveling Bluegrass Pride Band for ETSU.

While there he played on stage with Rhonda Vincent and the Rage, Tim Stafford, Raymond Mclain, "Tater" Tate, Jim Lauderdale, James Shelton, Jack Tottle, and Jennette Carter of the legendary Carter family. He also had the honor of performing in Washington DC in 2006 for Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. A truly memorable event was performing for his bluegrass heroes, Ralph Stanley, at his 78th birthday party.

Other members of Blue Holler have enjoyed hearing Adam play with the ETSU Pride Band when they would come to Cairo or Thomasville on a road trip. Now Adam is out of college, living in this area, and picking with Blue Holler! We're ever so happy to have him with us!

Adam plays all the bluegrass instruments but mostly focuses on dobro and guitar He learned a lot about the dobro from his uncle Cliff, who remains a significant influence on Adam's playing style.  “Uncle Cliff bought my cousin, Kyle Everson, and me our first instruments and taught us how to play. We both feel a great deal of gratitude to our uncle for getting us started in music.  I attended ETSU on a music scholarship and Kyle became a professional musician after graduating from Auburn University."

He works with Hackney Nursery in Florida and lives in Calvary. He and Cliff got to play on stage together at Mule Day 2007, to the delight of many attendees.

To see a short video clip of Adam playing with the ETSU band, go to and hit your space bar to see the picture.

Chicken Pickin'

One of Those Long Nights

ETSU Pride Band

ETSU Pride Band, White House Blues

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